How Are Marketers Using Location Data?

November 28, 2016

mma-how-marketers-use-location-data-dec2016The vast majority of marketers and agencies see location data as either important or critical to their mobile efforts, according to survey results [download page] from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Location data is valued most for its ability to improve targeting and insights, though many also see it as useful for understanding the path to purchase and as a way for measuring ad effectiveness.

The report notes that these are also the primary ways in which marketers are leaning on location data: about two-thirds have used it for targeting in the past year, while a majority have also used it for insights (61%), measuring effectiveness (57%) and attribution (53%).

Not too surprisingly, social media (66%) is the top area in which marketers use location data, with search (51%) next and display/rich media (42%) following. One might expect some lifts in these latter areas given Google’s recent upgrades in distance and location metrics based on search and AdWords data.

Turning to the various types of location-based applications, the MMA study reveals that real-time location-based advertising is not only the most widely used strategy but also the one perceived to be the most valuable.

For both marketers and agencies responding to the survey, the quality of the data is the top concern with location data. While marketers appear more concerned than agencies across a list of various challenges, the most notable difference surrounds lack of transparency into data sources and methodologies, which is one of the top concerns for marketers but one of the smallest worries for agencies.

About the Data: The MMA Location Data study was conducted among 400 respondents, split between marketers (75%) and agencies (25%). Two-thirds of the marketers surveyed have a physical location.

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