Video Grows in Importance for Top Publishers’ App Install Marketing

November 10, 2016

adcolony-most-effective-mobile-app-install-formats-nov2016Full-screen video and social video are considered the most effective app install formats by developers of the 100 top-grossing apps, according to the latest semi-annual study from AdColony. The report indicates that video continues to become a more important format for app publishers, who are pouring more budgets into this channel to achieve their campaign objectives.

Indeed, full-screen video is the format that app install marketers are most excited about for 2017. Some 81% of respondents to the survey indicated that they will be engaging in more video campaigns, up from 76% during the same time last year. This shift to video is coming at the same time as fewer budgets move to social media.

Overall, one-third of respondents’ app install budgets are now dedicated to non-social video, with full-screen video (24.5%) the single largest format, at almost triple the spend of in-feed video (8.8%). One-quarter of budgets are for social, with social video (14.8%) capturing more spend than social display (10.1%).

Full-screen video (91%), interstitial display (85%) and social video (82%) emerge as the most broadly used app install formats, with social display (71%) and banners (71%) rounding out the top 5. The survey indicates year-over-year dips in the use of social and interstitial display, with the biggest drop being for banner display (down from 92% using in Q3 2015).

But while social and display remain popular formats, video takes the top three spots in the effectiveness ratings, led by full-screen video (86% rating as effective) and followed by social video (74%) and in-feed video (65%). Interestingly, while many app marketers have turned to TV, the survey finds only tepid results, with various video formats found to be more effective. Still, TV and out-of-home continue to be more effective than print and radio, which are largely seen as ineffective by respondents.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of the top 100 grossing app developers, 62% of whom are mobile game developers and 38% non-game app developers. Respondents’ total monthly app install budgets are at least $1 million. The survey response rate was 65%.

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