Leading OTT Services Mostly Watched on TV Sets

November 7, 2016

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realitymine-streaming-service-access-by-device-nov2016US adults (aged 18-64) are spending more time streaming video content on TV sets than they are on computers or mobile devices, according to a recent report from RealityMine. However, survey respondents’ preferred devices differ depending on the OTT service in question.

Leading OTT services tend to be mostly viewed on TV sets, per the report. Almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents’ time spent watching Netflix content is on TV sets, per the report, while a majority (57.5%) of time spent with Amazon content is likewise on TV sets. About half of HBO GO (50.8%) and Hulu (49.9%) viewing time is spent on TV sets.

It’s a different story for YouTube, which is viewed primarily via computers (43.3% share of viewing time) and mobile phones (33.1%), likely due to more short-form content being watched on that platform. Recent research from Ooyala, for example, shows that most smartphone video viewing is for short-form content (0-5 minutes), while virtually all (92%) of set-top viewing is for long-form content of at least 20 minutes.

Streaming video services reached 50% penetration of US households earlier this year, on par with DVR penetration for the first time, according to Nielsen. The RealityMine survey suggests that among adults streaming content Netflix has the broadest daily reach (18%), while it comes a close second to YouTube (40%) in weekly reach.

About the Data: RealityMine had 5034 participants aged 18-64 complete the TouchPoints USA 2016.1 study. Their responses were fused with GfK’s MRI 1-Year Study that yielded a sample count of 18,396 (aged 18-64) from which RealityMine prepared the analysis.

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