More Fortune 500 Companies Have An Active Instagram Account Than A Public-Facing Blog

October 31, 2016

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umassdartmouth-fortune500-social-use-oct2016Some 45% of Fortune 500 companies are now actively using Instagram, marking the 4th consecutive year of sizable increases in the platform’s use, according to the latest annual analysis of Fortune 500 corporate social media usage from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research.

To arrive at its conclusion, the Center for Marketing Research counted a company as having a presence on a platform if the primary/listed corporation had an active account (activity within the prior 30 days). Previous research from Simply Measured has indicated that half of Fortune 500 companies have at least an account on Instagram, with these companies seeing their highest engagement rates on days where they tend to post less frequently.

The 45% of Fortune 500 companies with an active Instagram account this year marks a sizable increase from 30% last year and 20% the prior year, per the report. In fact, 8 of the top 10 companies in the Fortune 500 are active users – with only United Health Group and Apple not on the platform.

As a result of increased adoption, more Fortune 500 companies have an active Instagram account than have a public-facing corporate blog (36%). Blogging continues to be higher among the top 200 companies (50% adoption) than the bottom 200 (29% adoption).

LinkedIn continues to be the most commonly used social platform among the Fortune 500, though, with 97% of the companies maintaining an account. Twitter (86%) is next, followed by Facebook (84%) retaining the same rank order as in last year’s analysis (excluding Glassdoor, which was a part of that analysis).

Among the Fortune 500 companies, Facebook has both the most Facebook “likes” (more than 172 million) and the most Twitter followers (14 million). Starbucks and Disney also feature in the top 5 audience sizes for both Facebook and Twitter.

About the Data: Please visit the report for full details on the study’s methodology.

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