Marketers Failing to Take Advantage of Salesforce’s Intelligent Applications

October 3, 2016

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bluewolf-marketer-use-salesforce-intelligent-applications-oct2016Many marketers using Salesforce are not taking advantage of its intelligent applications, instead sticking to basic reporting or lead routing, according to Bluewolf’s latest annual State of Salesforce report. Just 3% said that Salesforce anticipates which leads they should market to next and begins doing so automatically.

A further 14% said that Salesforce anticipates the leads they should market to and suggests the best action. Still, that leaves only 17% using prescriptive or intelligent functions; twice as many (34%) instead said that they simply enter marketing data into Salesforce to satisfy reporting and/or lead passing requirements.

Overall, marketers responding to the report appear to be much more likely to make their own decisions about leads than to use suggestions made by the platform.

By comparison, a slight majority (52%) of IT Salesforce users appear to be using the intelligent (15%) and prescriptive (37%) tools available to them, as do 30% of sales respondents.

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The report’s analysts attribute marketers’ tendency to rely on Salesforce basics to “disparate applications and bad data.” On the topic of data, just 1 in 4 marketers described their data quality as a competitive advantage (9%) or as a strategic asset (17%), while more than one-third said that data quality is recognized as an issue (29%) or that they don’t trust their data and support for improving it is limited (5%).

About the Data: The Bluewolf report is based on data collected from more than 1,700 Salesforce customers, of whom 19% are part of the marketing function.

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