Mobile Up to One-Third of Email-Driven Revenues

September 9, 2016

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Yesmail-Email-Driven-Revenues-Orders-by-Device-Sept2016Despite a slip in click-to-open rates, mobile accounted for a majority (53%) of clicks for emails sent by Yesmail clients in Q2, according to the company’s latest quarterly report. That’s the first time mobile has contributed a majority of email clicks (up from 46% in Q1), and is supported by Experian Marketing Services data also showing mobile accounting for a majority of email clicks among its clients in Q2.

Not surprisingly, as mobile increases its share of email clicks, its impact on email-driven orders and revenues also grows. In Q2, email reached 32% of email-driven revenues, up from 24% a year earlier and 18% the year before that (Q2 2014).

Likewise, mobile grew to account for 42% of email-driven orders, up from 33% in Q2 2015 and 22% in Q2 2014. The growth has exclusively come from smartphones: whereas in Q2 2014 tablets (12.5%) topped smartphones (9.9%) in share of orders, results for this past quarter indicate that smartphones are now driving almost three times more orders than tablets (30.9% vs. 10.9% share).

Mobile’s smaller share of revenues (32%) than orders (42%) suggests that average order values remain higher for desktop than mobile traffic. That makes sense in light of Monetate data that consistently finds e-commerce average order values being higher on desktops than on smartphones and tablets.

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In other highlights from the Yesmail report:

  • Almost two-thirds (65.9%) of emails deployed in Q2 were responsive, representing slowed growth from Q1 (63.2%);
  • Active subscribers now receive 33.5% more emails than they did 2 years ago; and
  • Overall open (14.6%), click (1.4%) and click-to-open (9.7%) rates were all down from the year-earlier period.

About the Data: The Q2 2016 data is based on an analysis of almost 7 billion emails deployed during the quarter.

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