App Install Ads Comprise 1 in 4 iOS Impressions on Instagram

September 6, 2016

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SensorTower-App-Install-v-Mobile-Web-Ads-Pinterest-Instagram-Sept2016The vast majority of iOS ad impressions on Instagram and Pinterest continue to direct users to the mobile web, although app install ads are making some inroads, details Sensor Tower in its latest quarterly ad intelligence report covering Q2 2016.

For the quarter, app install ads represented slightly more than 1 in 4 ad impressions (26%) on Instagram, which Sensor Tower notes is an increase from previous quarters.

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App install ads command a smaller share of impressions on Pinterest, accounting for 17% overall. However, that figure has gradually been rising in recent quarters, up from 13% in Q4 2015 and 14% in Q1 2016.

In other results from the latest study, Sensor Intelligence reveals that:

  • Video ads now make up 26% of ad impressions on Instagram, a 23% increase in share from January;
  • The average length of a video ad on Instagram has grown to 25 seconds, from 15 seconds in January.

Recent research has shown that while post interaction rates are declining on Instagram, the platform is becoming a more attractive destination for advertisers. In fact, Instagram emerged as almost as popular an advertising platform as Twitter. Perhaps that’s due to the perception that video and image content performs best on social media

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