Visual Content Performs Best on Social Media, Marketers Say

August 1, 2016

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Clutch-Enterprise-Marketers-Top-Performing-Social-Content-Type-Aug2016Senior marketers feel that visual assets are becoming more important to their brand communications, and now a new study from Clutch finds that visual content is believed to have the best performance on social media, with videos edging images in the effectiveness stakes.

Of the 6 options listed, 23% of respondents – social media marketers from companies with at least 100 employees – said that videos perform best, followed by 22% feeling that images perform best.

The results are interesting in light of post interaction rates detailed by Adobe Digital Insights (ADI). Within the US, ADI data suggests that Facebook organic post interaction rates are more than twice as high for image posts as they are for video posts.

Meanwhile, videos and images topped offers and promotions (18%) in the Clutch survey, despite various pieces of research (such as this one) indicating that discounts are one of the leading reasons why consumers follow brands on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook users themselves have said that discount offers are the most appealing brand posts.

Yes, there’s more to social media than just Facebook, of course. But it’s almost ubiquitous in social media marketing, as evidenced by further results from the Clutch survey. Virtually all (96%) of the respondents said that their enterprise markets on Facebook, with the next-leading platform, Twitter used by 71%. Moreover, 62% say that Facebook yields the best results, with LinkedIn a distant second (14%). (B2B marketers might have something to say about that.)

Of note, enterprises (defined here as companies with at least 100 employees) are as likely to use YouTube (61%) as they are LinkedIn (60%), likely due to YouTube being easily consumers’ top destination for branded video content (and marketers believing that video is the most effective form of social content).

In other results from the Clutch survey:

    • Instagram is used by twice as many enterprise social marketers as Snapchat (55% and 28%, respectively);
    • The top challenges of social media marketing are developing a strategy and tracking results, with few concerned about channel selection; and
    • Roughly 6 in 10 share original content either exclusively (19%) or most of the time (42%).

About the Data: Clutch says that the “survey included 304 respondents who are either ‘extremely involved’ or ‘somewhat involved’ in their company’s social media marketing. 80 percent were manager level or higher.

Respondents worked at companies with more than 100 employees, with 62 percent representing companies with over 500 employees. 71 percent worked at B2C companies, while 29 percent worked at B2B companies.

The data was collected throughout April 2016.”

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