4 in 10 US Households Own An OTT Streaming Device

June 27, 2016

comScore-Connected-Device-Household-Penetration-Jun2016The average household has 10 active devices with access to the internet, according to recently-released data from comScore, and that figure rises to an impressive average of 19 devices among households with at least 4 people. While computers (97%) and phones (91%) are almost ubiquitous in today’s households, the data shows that streaming devices (39%) have solid penetration levels.

Streaming devices are even more common among higher-income households, per the report: some 44% of households with at least $75k in income own an OTT streaming device, compared to 35% with income below that threshold.

Of note, Roku dominates the streaming device market with 49% market share, suggesting that Roku devices are now in about 1 in 5 US households. (These figures are as of March 2016.)

Following Roku in OTT streaming device market share are Google’s Chromecast (22%) and Amazon FireTV (16%), with Apple TV (12%) further behind.

Separate data released by Adobe for its Q1 Digital Video Benchmark Report show that TV-connected devices are continuing to capture greater share of TV Everywhere authentications. In Q1 2016, these devices accounted for 23% share of such authentications, up from 20% during the year-earlier period. Interestingly enough, Apple TV (10%) topped Roku (8%) in TVE authentication share, though.

About the Data: The comScore data is based on its Total Home Panel Custom Analysis for March 2016. The Total Home Panel is installed in 3,600+ homes geographically distributed throughout the US, collecting data on 19,000+ devices daily.

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