Almost 2 in 3 Connected Device Owners Find Mobile Ads Annoying

June 15, 2016

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Nielsen-Attitudes-to-Mobile-Ads-June2016Connected device owners (Americans aged 13 and older who own a tablet, smartphone or streaming-capable device) have fairly negative views of mobile advertising, per the results of a Nielsen survey. In fact, they’re more than 5 times as likely to agree (67%) as disagree (13%) that mobile ads are annoying/intrusive.

Interestingly, there’s a general sense that mobile ads are more intrusive than TV ads. Some 45% of respondents agreed that this is the case, compared to just 19% who disagree.

Perhaps as a result, respondents are twice as likely to disagree (46%) as to agree (23%) that they don’t mind mobile ads.

The issue could also be related to ad clutter, which Millennials feel is worse on mobile devices than on desktops.

On a more encouraging note, respondents do seem to notice mobile ads. Asked if they do not notice mobile ads, 44% disagreed, compared to just 26% agreeing.

Ad recall appears to be greater among tablet than smartphone owners, though. According to the results of the Q1 2016 survey, roughly one-third (34%) of tablet owners said they recalled an ad in the past 30 days every time they used their tablet. By comparison, about one-quarter (26%) of smartphone owners recalled ads each time they used their device.

A new MarketingCharts study of advertising effectiveness finds that more than 1 in 5 US adults recalled noticing a specific advertiser when using a smartphone in the prior week, compared to about 1 in 8 who recalled an advertiser when using a tablet. Those findings were likely related to reach and ad exposure frequency, though, with smartphones topping tablets in each case.

The highest recall was for watching TV, though: almost 9 in 10 had watched TV in the prior week, and more than half of adults overall had noticed a specific advertiser when watching TV.

About the Data: Nielsen’s Mobile Connected Device Report is based on a survey of 8,210 respondents aged 13 and older who own a tablet, smartphone or streaming-capable device. All numbers reflect self-reported data. The Connected Device Report was conducted online in English.

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