UK Company Marketers Rate Email Best For ROI

April 15, 2016

EconsultancyAdestra-UK-Channel-ROI-Ratings-Apr2016Source: Econsultancy / Adestra [download page]

    Notes: Email tops SEO as the channel that most UK company marketers rate as “excellent” or “good” for ROI (at 73% and 67%, respectively), per the latest annual Email Marketing Industry Census from Econsultancy and ROI. Compared to last year’s results, ROI ratings among company marketers this year improved for email, content marketing, affiliate marketing, offline direct marketing and social media, while declining for SEO, paid search and mobile marketing.

    In other results from the report, company marketers reported the following practices as most commonly used in their email strategy:

    • Basic segmentation (79%);
    • Optimizing email for mobile devices (64%);
    • Regular list cleansing (54%);
    • Encouraging sharing of content on social networks (47%); and
    • Use of transactional emails for marketing (43%).

    All 18 practices tracked – with the exception of encouraging social sharing – saw more adoption this year than last among company respondents.

    Meanwhile, company marketers are looking most to improve personalization (61%), segmentation (56%) and marketing automation (53%) when it comes to their email efforts, and intend to innovate with email this year most commonly by more creative uses of behavioral triggers (66%) and greater use of dynamic elements such as video content, GIFs and countdown clocks (52%).


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