Ad Clutter A Bigger Problem on Smartphones Than Desktops, Millennials Say

April 18, 2016

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IABTremorMillwardBrown-Consumer-Sensitivity-Ad-Clutter-Apr2016Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) / Tremor Video / Millward Brown Digital [pdf]

    Notes: Almost half of Millennials (18-34) feel that there are too many ads on their smartphone, compared to one-third who feel that way about ads on their desktops, per results from an IAB study on multiscreen video. (This result could have implications for ad blocking, which is currently more prevalent on desktops than mobiles.) The IAB report indicates that tablet video ads are more likely to spur action than smartphone video ads, while Millennials prefer 10-second to 30-second ads, perhaps due to their sensitivity to mobile ad clutter.

    Even so, 30-second ads do have a role to play with Millennials, particularly when communicating new or complicated information, per the report.

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        About the Data: The IAB survey was conducted among 1,800 nationally representative 18-54-year-olds (Desktop=600; Smartphone=600; Tablet=600).

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