What Do Ad Loads Look Like On Internet Radio?

March 4, 2016

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Xappmedia-Internet-Radio-Ad-Loads-Q42014-Q42015-Mar2016Source: Xappmedia [download page]

    Notes: The average hour of internet radio included 2 minutes and 29 seconds of audio ads in Q4, reports Xappmedia, up close to 6% from Q3 but down from the year-earlier average of 2 minutes and 44 seconds. The averages mask differences among the 5 publishers examined, with the top 3 by ad time averaging roughly 3 minutes per hour in Q4 and the bottom 2 average 1 minute and 39 seconds.

    The average number of ad units per hour hovered between about 5 and 5.4 during this year, with the vast majority of these units (79-84%) being thirty seconds in length.

    The average time to first ad decreased again in the 4th quarter, falling to 13 minutes and 13 seconds, a 36-second drop from Q3.

    Meanwhile, the top advertiser in Q4 was The Home Depot, with more than 7% of all ads identified. It was followed by GEICO (4.73%), Progressive (2.66%), Discover (2.51%) and Macy’s (also 2.51%).

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        About the Data: XAPPmedia notes that its analysis only covers audio ads delivered on mobile devices and “does not attempt to quantify the number of banner ads served during a listening session” as the vast majority of listening takes place “while the device screen is blank or not viewable.”

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