Top Drivers For Launching A Branded Online Community

February 24, 2016

LeaderNetworksCMXMedia-Top-Drivers-Branded-Online-Communities-Feb2016Source: Leader Networks / CMX Media

    Notes: Customer satisfaction and retention ranks as the most important driver for launching a branded online community, among both companies that already have launched a community and those that are considering doing so, according to a recently-released survey. Respondents also cited the gathering of ideas and reduction of support costs as key reasons for launching an online community.

    Asked about signs that customers wanted an online community, respondents with one pointed first to frequent product feedback or ideas from their customers (54%), followed closely by their customers frequently reaching out for answers to their questions (53%).

    Companies with online communities most commonly use social media awareness to attract new members, also citing traffic from social media marketing as the most effective method for converting new members.

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        About the Data: The survey was fielded online among 414 participants – primarily marketers and community management professionals – who completed it between 10/15/15 and 11/20/15. Roughly 3 in 4 respondents are located in the US.

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