How Long Goes By Before An Internet Radio Listener Hears An Ad?

November 18, 2015

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XAPPmedia-Internet-Radio-Time-to-First-Ad-in-Q3-Nov2015Source: XAPPmedia [download page]

    Notes: Internet radio listeners spent about 14 minutes on average listening to music before hearing their first ad during Q3 2015, per XAPPmedia’s latest Internet Radio Ad Load Report. That includes 41% hearing an ad within the first 10 minutes of listening, up from 32% the prior quarter. By comparison, the newly-launched (as of Q3) Apple Music served an ad within 10 minutes for about three-quarters of sessions, for an average of slightly less than 9 minutes of listening before the first ad.

    The overall ad load for the 5 publishers tracked in Q3 was 2 minutes and 21 seconds per hour, down 21 seconds per hour from Q2. This average masked an increase of 10 seconds/hour for 3 of the publishers, which was more than offset by a 56 second/hour cut for the other two.

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        About the Data: XAPPmedia notes that its analysis only covers audio ads delivered on mobile devices and “does not attempt to quantify the number of banner ads served during a listening session.”

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