Millennials’ Top Mobile Apps, by Share of Time Spent

September 28, 2015

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comScore-Top-Mobile-Apps-Among-Millennials-Sept2015Source: comScore [download page]

    Notes: Instagram and Snapchat might be rising in popularity with youth, but they don’t hold a candle to Facebook in terms of overall time spent, at least among the 18-34 population, according to a recent comScore study. Facebook ranks as the top mobile app among this group, occupying more than 1 in 5 total app minutes (21.2%) in June 2015, followed by Pandora Radio (14.3%) and YouTube (5.6%). Adding in Instagram (3.9%) and Facebook Messenger (3.1%) results in Facebook-owned apps accounting for 28.2% of Millennials’ total mobile app time.

    Separately, the study notes that the apps with the highest concentration of Millennials are mostly related to social, chat and music, led by Yik Yak (where Millennials comprise 98% of users), Venmo (94%) and InstaSize (88%). (The rankings are based on apps with >1 million Millennial users).

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