1 in 8 Desktop Page Views in the US Said to be Affected by Ad Blocking

September 25, 2015

comScoreSourcepoint-Ad-Blocking-Rates-by-Country-Sept2015Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of unique visitors to websites in the US (desktop-only) block ads, per a recent study from comScore and Sourcepoint, with that the lowest rate of 7 countries measured. The behavior is far more widespread in France (24%) and Germany (27%), where about one-quarter of internet users are blocking ads.

Internet users who block ads appear to be above-average content consumers, as the percentage of page views affected by ad blocking (12% in the US) is higher than the percentage of unique visitors using them, across each market.

Also consistent across each market: 18-24-year-olds are the most likely to be using ad blockers. There is generally an inverse relationship between ad blocker use and age group, though it isn’t consistent across all the markets measured. Likewise, while the highest income segment shows an above-average tendency to block ads, that isn’t the case in France, where the incidence of ad blocking is consistent across income segments.

Meanwhile, in the US, just 0.1% of mobile page views are affected by ad blocking (7.9% in China and 9% in India), though that figure is expected to rise with the introduction of ad blocking features in iOS9.

The report notes that certain content categories such as online gaming and social media are more affected by ad blocking. That result is supported by previous research from Adobe and PageFair, which found ad blocking to be most prevalent on gaming and social media sites.

About the Data: All data – save for mobile ad blocking – comes from a comScore analysis of desktop users in June 2015.

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