Majority of TV Households With Kids Watch OTT Content Via Connected TVs

July 27, 2015

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GfK-Connected-TV-OTT-Viewing-July2015Source: GfK

    Notes: 4 in 10 US TV households stream video over connected TVs, most commonly via an internet-connected media player (23%), reveals GfK in a recent study. The results indicate that TV households with kids under 18 (54%) are far more likely than those without kids (34%) to watch OTT content via a connected TV, with the former particularly apt to watch via an internet-connected VGS console (32%). Not too surprisingly, TV households with at least one Millennial (18-34; 58%) and those with at least one Gen Xer (35-49; 53%) also demonstrate an above-average likelihood to watch OTT content via a connected TV.

    Meanwhile, Hispanics (42%) and whites (40%) hew closely to the national average in terms of streaming via connected TV, with African-Americans (29%) below-average in this regard.

    Overall, watching streaming video was the third-most common online activity among respondents, behind only social networking and online shopping (in that order), and ahead of listening to music, IM-ing, gaming and making calls.

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      About the Data: The GfK report is based on a quantitative survey administered to both English- and Spanish-speaking households in GfK’s research panel (KnowledgePanel®), which combines the capabilities of web-based interviewing with robust probability-based samples; it is representative of approximately 97% of US households. The sample consists of 3,122 households. The cooperation rate among the assigned sample was 71%. The survey was fielded from March 25 through April 20, 2015.

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