Smartphone Users’ App Usage, by Race and Ethnicity

June 17, 2015

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Nielsen-Smartphone-App-Usage-by-Race-Ethnicity-Jun2015Source: Nielsen

    Notes: While the number of applications used per month by adult smartphone users has remained steady over the past couple of years (26.5 in Q4 2012 and 26.7 in Q4 2014), time spent with apps has increased by 63%, from roughly 23 hours per month per smartphone user in Q4 2012 to about 37-and-a-half hours per month in Q4 2014. Among smartphone users, African-Americans use more apps on average than any other race or ethnicity, also spending more time on average with apps, with Hispanics close behind.

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        About the Data: Insights about mobile app usage were gathered using Mobile NetView 3.0, Nielsen’s on-device software, which is installed with permission on panelist smartphones (approximately 5,000 panelists ages 18+ with Android and iOS handsets). The panelists are recruited online in English and include Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American consumer representation.

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