Video Ad Completion Rates, by Device Type, in 2014

April 15, 2015

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Vindico-Streaming-Video-Ad-Completion-Rate-by-Device-in-2014-Apr2015Source: Vindico [download page]

    Notes: Video ad completion rates were lower on devices with smaller screens last year, reports Vindico, as smartphone (46%) and tablet (54%) viewers completed ads at roughly half the rate of those watching on gaming consoles (95%) and OTT boxes (99%). The overall video ad completion rate stood at 78%, but just 37% of video impressions were both viewable and viewed to completion. (Completion rate figures exclude skippable ad impressions from Google/YouTube.) Separately, the average click-through rate for video ads was 0.62%, with that figure highest for tablets (3.62%) and smartphones (2.36%) and lowest for OTT boxes (0.01%) and game consoles (0.11%).

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        About the Data: Vindico’s annual report is based on buy-side representations of digital video. Through the lens of Vindico’s Ad Server data, estimates are based on tens of billions of annual impressions placed by leading agencies and advertisers. Vindico Adtricity data is a sub-set of those ad served impressions, focusing on an extensive look at viewability and quality scoring. Note that Adtricity is able to verify an impression when the ad is delivered via a Vindico ad served VPAID tag and the video player has enabled script access.

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