Messaging Apps Significantly Outperform Average in Retention Rates

April 3, 2015

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Flurry-Average-Mobile-App-Retention-Rates-Apr2015Source: Flurry

    Notes: The average mobile application retains 36% of its new users in the first month after install, meaning that 36% will launch the app a month after installing it, according to Flurry. That figure declines throughout the first year post-install, with roughly 1 in 10 (11% of) users launching the average app a year after installing it. Flurry notes that these figures are slightly lower than years past, primarily due to iPhone users upgrading to iPhone 6 models. Nevertheless, those average retention rates are significantly higher among messaging apps, which start at 68% in the first month post-install and remain at 62% even after 12 months.
    Not only are messaging apps outperforming the average in retention, but they also are strong in daily session frequency, tallying 8.9 sessions per day per users, compared to 1.9 for the typical app.

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