Mobile Email CTO Rates 40% Higher For Brands Using Responsive Design

April 1, 2015

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Yesmail-Mobile-Email-CTO-Rates-in-Q42014-Apr2015Source: Yesmail

    Notes: Mobile email clicks accounted for almost 40% of all email clicks in Q4 2014, according to the latest quarterly report from Yesmail. Mobile’s click share was buoyed by a 20% year-over-year increase in click-to-open rates, from 10.3% in Q4 2013 to 12.6% in Q4 2014. Yesmail ties that result to an increase in the number of emails using responsive design, as brands exclusively using responsive design in their emails enjoyed a 40% higher mobile CTO than those who didn’t use responsive design in any of their campaigns (14.1% vs. 10.1%).

    Even so, mobile CTOs continued to trail their desktop equivalents in Q4 (12.6% and 21.6%, respectively), as has been the case for some time. Nevertheless, a mobile email click returned more than double the average revenue as a desktop email click (40 cents and 19 cents, respectively).

    In other study results covering year-over-year trends (using a consistent set of marketers):

    • Mobile conversion rates (purchases resulting from an email click) grew by 70%, while desktop conversion rates dropped by 4%;
    • Mobile revenues comprised one-fifth of all email-generated revenue, up by one-third from a year earlier;
    • The share of orders completed on a mobile device increased by 21% to almost one-quarter of all email-generated orders; and
    • Mobile’s average order value (AOV) grew by 28%, twice the rate of growth for desktop AOV.

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    About the Data: The results are based on a Yesmail analysis of more than 6.8 billion emails from B2B and B2C clients in 18 industries including CPG, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality/travel, retail/wholesale and technology.

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