Trends in Key Mobile App Ad Metrics in 2014

March 20, 2015

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Kenshoo-Mobile-App-Ad-Trends-in-2014-Mar2015Source: Kenshoo [download page]

    Notes: Mobile application installs grew by 182% between January and December 2014, almost keeping pace with the growth in ad spending of 235%, reports Kenshoo in a recent study. As a result, the cost of a mobile app install (CPI) grew by a relatively modest 19% during the year. CPI was more than twice as high on iOS as on Android devices, and also increased at a faster rate.

    Meanwhile, monthly CPMs rose by 103% during the course of the year, with Android rates briefly surpassing iOS rates in Q3. CPCs grew more quickly – ending December 179% higher than in January – with iOS mobile clicks costing app advertisers almost three times as much as Android clicks. While click-through rates declined for much of the year, Android retained higher average rates than iOS.

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        About the Data: The Kenshoo report reflects an aggregation of advertisers using the Adquant by Kenshoo platform that are Mobile-only and have defined a Mobile App as a conversion. The resulting data set comprises more than US$19 million in advertiser spend and more than 10 million app installs, targeted across 100 countries worldwide.

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