The Most Important Elements of the Digital Experience, Per UK Consumers and Marketers

February 27, 2015

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EconsultancySitecore-Most-Important-Elements-of-Digital-Experience-in-UK-Feb2015Source: Econsultancy / Sitecore [download page]

    Notes: Ease of usage (“easy to find what you’re looking for”) counts as the most important aspect of a digital experience for both UK consumers and marketers, according to a recent study from Econsultancy in association with Sitecore. The study identified 17 aspects of the digital experience and used a maximum difference scaling technique to show how, on average, respondents would have allocated 100 points across all attributes. The results show that while both groups value ease of usage, marketers were far more likely than consumers to rate the importance of mobile optimization. Consumers, by contrast, valued useful and tailored information to a much greater degree.

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        About the Data: The Econsultancy study describes its methodology in part as follows:

        “There were almost 1,500 respondents (353 marketers and 1,122 consumers across nine verticals) to our Digital Experience research request, which took the form of an online survey in 2014.

        We used a statistical technique called maximum difference scaling (max diff) to understand the level of priority respondents place on each of the attributes tested in the survey… The max diff approach forces respondents to trade off which attribute is most and least important to them…”

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