State of Data Quality Continues to Worsen

January 30, 2015

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Experian-State-of-Data-Quality-Jan2015Source: Experian Data Quality [download page]

    Notes: Despite all of the benefits attributed to data-driven marketing, data quality issues continue to persist, according to a new report from Experian Data Quality. In new survey results, Experian finds that US companies believe that 32% of their data, on average, is inaccurate, up from 25% a year ago. That’s even higher than the global average, which has steadily risen over the past couple of years: in this year’s study, respondents estimated that an average 26% of their data is inaccurate, up from 22% in 2014 and 17% a year earlier. Human error continues to be the main culprit, cited by 61% of respondents, followed by a lack of internal communication between departments (31%) and an inadequate data strategy (28%). Meanwhile, the most common data accuracy errors are incomplete or missing data (51%), outdated information (48%) and inaccurate data (44%), and the most common methods of detection are problems reported by employees, customers or prospects (57%) and proactive data audits (44%).

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        About the Data: The results are based on an Experian Data Quality survey of more than 1,200 professionals from 7 countries with knowledge of their company’s data management practices.

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