Smartphone Internet Users’ Leading Mobile Website Access Methods

January 19, 2015

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IAB-Top-Mobile-Site-Access-Methods-Jan2015Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) [pdf]

    Notes: While comScore figures show that time spent in mobile apps vastly exceeds time spent with the mobile web, a recent IAB report cautions that mobile app consumption relative to the mobile web may be overstated. That’s based on survey results indicating that smartphone internet users believe they generally spend as much time on the mobile web as in apps. The IAB explains the “app gap” as app usage being mobile web “in disguise.” In other words, a “significant” amount of smartphone web browsing may occur via in-app links. In fact, more than one-quarter of smartphone internet users report that links in social media apps are a top-3 way of finding mobile websites they access. The top method? Search.

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        About the Data: The IAB survey was conducted by Harris Interactive in December 2014. The survey was fielded among 2,030 US adults (18+), including 1,103 US smartphone owners. The results are among the subset of 938 US smartphone owners who use mobile internet.

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