Could Mobile Overtake Desktops in US Search Ad Spend Next Year?

December 5, 2014

eMarketer-Mobile-Share-US-Search-Ad-Spend-2013-2018-Dec2014Source: eMarketer

    Notes: Mobile will grow to represent 50.1% of digital search ad spending next year, predicts eMarketer, up from 38.1% share this year. That appears to be an aggressive forecast in light of the most recent IAB revenue report showing that desktop search accounts for 39% of online ad revenues, while mobile search accounts for 12%, although eMarketer appears to use a broader definition of search spend that includes SEO. The eMarketer report also forecasts mobile taking the upper hand in organic search traffic and paid clicks. That tracks with the trajectory of mobile search traffic as tracked by RKG: it’s latest figures tabbed mobile’s share of organic search visits at 38% in Q3 2014, up 10 points year-over-year.

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        About the Data: eMarketer’s definition of mobile search ad spending includes advertising on search engines, search applications and carrier portals and includes ad spending on tablets. Digital search ad spending includes contextual text links, paid inclusion, paid listings (paid search) and SEO.

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