Marketers Weigh In On The Mobile To-Do List

November 7, 2014

CMOCouncil-Mobile-Best-Practices-Nov2014Marketers are more likely to run mobile marketing campaigns absent a strategy (21%) than to have a fully integrated mobile strategy (17%), reports the CMO Council in a new study produced in partnership with SAS. Perhaps not too surprisingly, then, the mobile best practice that most marketers place on their to-do list is reaching beyond campaigns with their strategy, with 54% of respondents indicating that this is a practice they would like to adopt.

Other mobile marketing best practices that respondents would like to engage in include:

  • Improved listening (50%);
  • Personalization (46%); and
  • A mobile-first mindset (43%).

As for that mobile-first mindset? Just 19% of marketers surveyed have it, per the report, with respondents as likely (18%) to view mobile as the “latest shiny toy.” As might be expected, the mobile-first mindset is significantly more prevalent among those respondents who have a fully integrated mobile strategy: 45% of this group say that mobile comes first.

Meanwhile, a relatively smaller share of respondents pointed to robust measurement as a mobile best practice on their to-do list. That’s somewhat surprising given that few rate themselves as effective in measuring the impact of mobile on marketing or in measuring ROI.

Looking at the mobile components currently in use, the survey demonstrates that the most widespread are:

  • Mobile-optimized sites (75%);
  • Mobile apps (66%);
  • Mobile search (56%);
  • Outbound SMS/MMS (53%); and
  • Mobile advertising (49%).

While few currently employ geo-fencing (16%), a sizable 35% plan to do so within the next 2 years.

With a range of components in use, marketers have so far mostly been limited to developing experiences across operating systems (64%) rather than creating unique experiences based on the device (31%).

Other Findings:

  • Only about 1 in 10 respondents feel that their mobile marketing initiatives are very effective.
  • Similarly, few (16%) strongly agree that they are completely prepared to meet their customers’ mobile expectations.
  • The top perceived customer-centric benefits derived from mobile data are a clear path to improved targeting and better service delivery.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 250 marketers.

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