Which Media Budgets Are Being Used to Fund Increased Mobile Ad Spend?

October 21, 2014

AdvertiserPerceptions-Funding-Sources-Mobile-Ad-Budgets-Oct2014Source: Advertiser Perceptions

    Notes: Mobile advertising spending is growing apace, but are these budgets incremental or coming from other sources? According to a new report from Advertiser Perceptions, print budgets are most susceptible to cannibalization, as 41% of respondents (all representing large advertisers and all with some involvement in mobile advertising) are using these budgets to fund additional mobile advertising dollars. Mobile ad funding is also coming from an overall expansion of advertising budgets (38%), TV ad budgets (34%) and digital display budgets (32%). Few advertisers are using their video or social budgets to fund increased mobile advertising, though.

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        About the Data: In July of 2014, Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 300 agency and marketer decision makers online to gauge their optimism toward, and perceptions of, Mobile Advertising. All survey respondents represent large advertisers and are involved in recommending, specifying or approving spending for mobile advertising. Among the respondents, 59% were agency advertising decision makers and 41% were marketers. Overall, 45% of respondents were at the VP level or higher. Their decision making involvement spans mobile, digital, print and television.

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