Top Social Sharing Channels, Millennials vs. General Population

September 25, 2014

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ShareThis-Content-Sharing-Distribution-by-Social-Channel-Sept2014Source: ShareThis

    Notes: Facebook leads among Millennials (18-34) and the general population, representing 55% of content shared to social channels by the former and 70% by the latter, per ShareThis’ study. Twitter and Pinterest are on equal footing among Millennials, each at 10% of sharing, although Twitter tops Pinterest in sharing activity for the general population. Of note, Millennials show an above-average likelihood to share content via email.

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        About the Data: ShareThis observed the online browsing and social patterns of over 58 million American millennials over the course of four months (from April through July), collecting roughly 2.4 billion social signals linked to content across more than 2 million websites and mobile applications.

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