Twitter: TV Shows That Live-Tweet Enjoy Lift in Follower Growth Rate

September 23, 2014

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Twitter-Live-Tweeting-TV-Show-Follower-Growth-Sept2014Source: Twitter

    Notes: TV shows that live-tweet have a better follower growth rate than those that don’t, declares Twitter, with that generally true across genres and handle (show, host, and contestant, in the case of reality shows). The study also finds that shows that live-tweeted tends to see a higher overall volume of tweets than those that did not. The results follow other studies which have demonstrated that Twitter-supported TV campaigns drive higher ROI and that tweets have influenced ratings for some TV episodes.

      About the Data: In Twitter’s words, “We looked at two groups of like programs (for example, top dramas or reality shows) from the U.S. 2013-14 season: one that implemented regular live-Tweeting and one that did not. We then looked within each program to understand how episodes with live-Tweeting compared to their “baseline” conversation levels on Twitter during episodes that did not feature live Tweeting.”

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