Mobile Share of Online Video Views, Q1 2012-Q2 2014

September 22, 2014

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Ooyala-Mobile-Share-of-Online-Video-Views-Sept2014Source: Ooyala [download page]

    Notes: Mobile now accounts for more than one-quarter of online video views, according to Ooyala’s latest report, although it likely comprises a smaller share of time spent with video given smartphone viewers’ appetite for snackable content. Nevertheless, the global data indicates that mobile’s share of video views has doubled year-over-year and continues to rise quickly, with Ooyala predicting it will pass the majority threshold by the beginning of 2016.

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        About the Data: Ooyala measures the anonymized viewing habits of viewers in 239 countries and territories around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. One in every four Americans watches video on an Ooyala player, and more than half of Ooyala traffic comes from outside of the United States.

        Ooyala video publishers include hundreds of brands, broadcasters and operators like Univision, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Pac-12 Networks, Sephora, Caracol TV, CJ Entertainment and Sky Sports. Ooyala’s Q2 report reflects the anonymized online video metrics of all of Ooyala’s publishers. It does not document the online video consumption patterns of the internet as a whole. But the size of the Ooyala video footprint, along with the variety of its customers, means that the report offers a statistically representative view of the overall state of online video.

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