Top Social Channels Used by SMBs For Advertising and Promotion

September 15, 2014

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BIAKelsey-Top-Social-Channels-SMBs-Advertising-Promotion-Sept2014Source: BIA/Kelsey

    Notes: Not surprisingly, Facebook tops the list of social channels among SMBs, with 55% having a business page, per BIA/Kelsey’s latest report. While LinkedIn is next in adoption, the analysts believe that SMBs’ promotional use of the platform is more for recruiting and HR purposes than for business advertising and promotion. Of note, SMBs are as likely to be using Facebook ads or promoted posts as they are to be using Twitter (each at 20%). Also of interest, Instagram (10.6%) and Pinterest (10.3%) show solid levels of adoption in their first year of being tracked in the study. Overall, roughly 3 in 4 SMBs surveyed use social media to promote themselves, devoting 21.4% of their media budgets to social. That puts social at the top of media usage and budgeting, per the study.

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        About the Data: The BIA/Kelsey results are based on a sample size of 546 SMBs from 1-99 employees (including principals). The survey was administered by research partner Ipsos, using managed online panels of SMBs.

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