Services Most In Demand From Local SEOs

September 12, 2014

BrightLocal-Local-SEOs-Most-In-Demand-Services-Sept2014Source: BrightLocal

    Notes: For the second consecutive year, local SEOs report on-site SEO is the service most in demand from their customers. Google+ optimization and website development are the next-most in demand, per the survey, with citation building taking a step up from last year’s results. Separately, 39% of respondents believe that social media is a very powerful marketing channel for local businesses and 49% believe it works for some. Those figures compare with 25% and 57%, respectively, last year.

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        About the Data: The data is based on a survey of 1,759 SEOs, the majority of whom are SEO freelancers, small digital agencies and web designers. The survey was promoted to the BrightLocal user base and its network of SEOs and agencies, and also received support from

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