When is the Best Time For US Brands to Post on Instagram?

September 9, 2014

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Instagram-Entry-ImageInstagram was the fastest-growing top mobile application of the year in 2013, and it continues to add users at a rapid rate. While it appeals primarily to youth, consumers aged 35 and older are projected to account for almost half of its US user growth over the next 2 years. Most importantly for marketers, it boasts unparalleled brand post engagement rates. So how can brands take advantage of this opportunity? A new MarketingCharts Cheat Sheet [download page] provides insights.

The Cheat Sheet provides an overview of the demographics of American Instagram users and US brand activity on the platform during the first half of 2014. Unlike other reports that have zeroed in on activity among top global brands, the MarketingCharts Cheat Sheet focuses on small-to-mid-size (by follower count) American brands, thereby providing more actionable data to the vast majority of US marketers currently on – or considering using – the visual platform.

The Cheat Sheet is largely based on proprietary data custom sourced from a leading social media analytics provider, specifically for the purposes of the Cheat Sheet. It includes research into the types of posts that generate the most brand post engagement, and the posting times (by hour of the day, each day of the week) that have been most successful for brands. This analysis yields intriguing conclusions related to how Instagram serves its stream of content, and suggests that brands’ post timing may not be optimized for engagement rates.

The Cheat Sheet contains 12 charts and a host of data points and references, and comes with an accompanying Excel workbook containing the raw data on brands’ posting activity and engagement rates by time of day.

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