Top Cable Companies Now Have More Broadband Than Pay-TV Subscribers

August 19, 2014

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LRG-Broadband-Pay-TV-Subs-in-Q2-Aug2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG)

    Notes: After threatening to top the number of pay-TV subscribers last year, the number of cable companies’ broadband subscribers finally reached that milestone during Q2, per LRG data. Overall, though, the number of US broadband subscribers (85.9 million) boasted by the top providers trails the number of pay-TV subscribers (95.5 million) enjoyed by the top providers, as cable providers have a larger share of the broadband than pay-TV market (which has gradually been shifting to telephone providers).

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        About the Data: The number of broadband subscribers is among the 17 largest cable and telephone providers in the US, who represent roughly 93% of the market, while the number of pay-TV subscribers is among the 13 largest pay-TV providers, who represent roughly 95% of the market.

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