Broadband Users’ Mobile Video App Use, by Age Group

July 24, 2014

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    Source: The Diffusion Group (TDG)

      Notes: Not surprisingly, late Millennials (18-24) are the most likely to be using a mobile video application at least once a month, with 63% reporting doing so, per TDG’s research. A majority in the 25-34 (56%) and 35-44 (55%) brackets also use mobile video apps monthly, with 49% of adult broadband users overall engaging with them on a monthly basis. The study also finds that online service apps are the most popular, used by 40% of adult broadband users, follows by broadcast network apps (25%), cable network apps (19%) and TV operate apps (16%).

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          About the Data: Based on a survey of 1,500 US adult broadband users randomly selected from a panel of three million US consumers, with final data output weighted by Pew Research-determined distributions for gender, age, and income. Data was collected during Q1 2014.

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