More Than 4 in 10 US Households Forego Landlines, Are Mobile-Only

July 10, 2014

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    Source: National Health Interview Survey [pdf]

      Notes: Some 41% of US households were wireless-only during the second half of 2013, per the study, with this representing a 2.8% point increase from the year-earlier period. Close to 2 in 3 adults aged 25-29 live in wireless-only households, the highest rate of any age bracket. The results also indicate that men are slightly more likely than women to live in wireless-only households, while Hispanic adults (53.1%) are far more likely than non-Hispanic white (35.1%) or non-Hispanic black (42.1%) adults to live in wireless-only households. A majority 56% of households have landlines (with or without wireless), while 2.5% are phoneless.

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          About the Data: From July through December 2013, information on household telephone status was obtained for 21,512 households that included at least one civilian adult or child. These households included 40,173 civilian adults aged 18 and over, and 13,714 children under age 18.

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