For Top Brands, LinkedIn’s Post Engagement Rate Trails Facebook and Google+

July 1, 2014

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    Source: Forrester Research

      Notes: There are more than 3 million company pages on LinkedIn, according to new data from the platform, but user interaction rates with brands’ posts trail other platforms that also have professional members, per Forrester. Based on an analysis of the top 50 global brands’ activities across a variety of platforms, Forrester determined that LinkedIn’s engagement rate of 0.054% (user interactions with brands’ posts as a percentage of brands’ fans or followers) trailed engagement rates on Google+ (0.069%) and Facebook (0.073%). Of those three, though, LinkedIn tends to be used the most for business purposes, according to B2B decision-makers. It’s also ahead of Twitter’s engagement rate by a significant margin. For its part, LinkedIn notes that the updates getting “the most action” are company branding updates such as inside looks and interviews.

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          About the Data: Based on Forrester’s Q1 2014 US Top 50 Brands Social WebTrack that analyzed:

          • 1,405,249 user interactions on 329 Facebook brand posts;
          • 38,020 user interactions on 182 Google Plus brand posts; and
          • 34,526 user interactions on 294 LinkedIn brand posts.
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