Majority of Email Opens on Mobile Phones Occur in the First 4 Hours Post-Delivery

June 19, 2014

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Knotice-Email-Opens-Post-Send-in-H2-June2014Email engagement tends to be more concentrated in the first few hours post-send on mobile phones than on desktops and tablets, according to results from a recent report [download page] from Knotice, an IgnitionOne company. The report, which examined the percentage of opens from time of send during the second half of 2013, found that almost 54% of email opens occurring on mobile phones occurred within 4 hours post-delivery, compared to 46% share of opens occurring on desktops and 40% share of those occurring on tablets.

The first couple of hours in particular see the most engagement on mobile phones, an unsurprising result given the number of times people pick up their smartphones during a typical day. Indeed, one-third of email opens on mobile phones occur within the first couple of hours post-send, compared to about 28% for desktops and 20% for tablets.

Overall, the distribution of email opens on tablets tends to be more evenly distributed across the first 12 hours or so post-delivery, although the differences in engagement between the devices levels off after around 4 hours.

Given the higher density of mobile phone opens in the first few hours post-delivery, the study finds that desktop’s share of email opens tends to increase after about 8 hours post-send. In other words, while mobile’s share of overall email opens was 48% during the second half of the year, that share tended to be slightly higher at various points during the first 8 hours post-delivery.

More research about email opens by time of day and hour post-send can be accessed here:

About the Data: The Knotice report is based on a composite cross sampling of approximately 500 million emails sent across 11 industry segments in each half of 2013 in North America.

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