Age Distribution of Mobile Barcode Scanners in Q1 2014

May 27, 2014

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    Source: ScanLife [pdf]

      Notes: The age distribution of mobile barcode scanners continues to trend away from younger groups: 59% of scanners were younger than 35 in Q1 2012, whereas in Q1 2014 just 37% were. In fact, barcode scanners in Q1 2014 were more likely to be 55 and older (19% share) than they were to be younger than 25 (16% share). Meanwhile, barcode scanning continues to be dominated by males, though women are slowly making up a greater share of the scanning population (38% in Q1 2014 versus 32% share in Q1 2012). On average, males aged 35-44 are the most active scanners.

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          About the Data: The information in the report comes from the advanced analytics engine and business intelligence engine available within the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform and Scanner App.

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