Top 10 Interbrand Companies on Instagram Averaging 1 Post per Day

May 19, 2014

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SimplyMeasured-Top-10-Interbrand-Cos-Instagram-May2014The top 10 Interbrand companies on Instagram (by follower size) are investing more time in the platform and drawing larger audiences, with each of the 10 now enjoying more than 1 million followers, per new data from SimplyMeasured.  The brands have averaged an audience growth rate of 166% during the past year, led by Louis Vuitton, which has seen its audience size increase by 401%. On average, the top brands are posting 28 times per month, compared with an average of 18 per month for the 68 Interbrand 100 companies using the platform.

However, there doesn’t appear to be much correlation between posting frequency and audience growth. Among the top 10 brands, MTV had the highest volume of new posts over the course of the study period (May 5, 2013 to May 5, 2014), but had the smallest follower growth rate, of 73%. And Louis Vuitton, which had the fastest audience growth rate, had the second-lowest amount of new posts (202).

In a study released last year, SimplyMeasured noted that “top brands have found that regular posting increases your brand exposure, but there’s a point of oversaturation when you post more than once a day.”

In this latest study, the two brands with the highest frequency of posts (MTV and BMW) were found to have the highest volume of engagement (with this metric factoring in engagement on photos shared to Facebook and Twitter). MTV saw almost 23 million engagements with its posts during the past year, and BMW more than 20 million. Overall, the top 10 brands averaged roughly 11 million engagements on their Instagram posts during the past year, while all of the Interbrand 100 companies active on Instagram averaged 2.7 million.

Last month, a study from Forrester Research indicated that Instagram’s engagement levels far surpassed other major social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. In fact, based on an analysis of 50 top US brands, Forrester found that their Instagram posts sported a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, compared to just 0.07% for Facebook and 0.03% for Twitter.

While Instagram – the 9th largest smartphone app by reach in Q1 – boasts sizable reach and an engaged audience, it hasn’t been too widely adopted by marketers yet. According to a newly-released study from Social Media Examiner, 34% of B2C marketers are using Instagram, while a majority are using Google+ (51%), Pinterest (51%) and LinkedIn (59%), among others.

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