Digital Estimated to Capture Almost Half of US Adults’ Daily Media Time

April 22, 2014


    Source: eMarketer

      Notes: The eMarketer estimate sees digital media occupying 47.1% of US adults’ daily media time this year, on par with the combination of TV (36.5%) and radio (10.9%). TV remains the single most-consumed medium, averaging 4 hours and 28 minutes per day, though that figure varies widely by age group. The fastest growth is attributed to mobile non-voice activities, projected to capture almost one-quarter of daily media time this year, up from about one-fifth last year. Meanwhile, print is down to only 3.5% of daily time, less than half of 2010’s total (7.7%).

        About the Data: eMarketer describes its methodology in part as follows:

        “To develop our time spent with media figures, eMarketer analyzed more than 500 data points collected from over 40 research institutions. With respect to TV in particular, we compared more than 140 data points from approximately 30 sources, each of which employed various research methodologies ranging from online surveys and in-person interviews to phone surveys and meter tracking. As another example, to forecast time spent on desktop and laptop computers, eMarketer compiled and evaluated figures from audience measurement companies, industry associations, academic institutions, major online media platforms and other research firms””all of which we analyzed to account for discrepancies and convergence in definitions, methodology and historical accuracy.

        eMarketer’s estimates of time spent with media include all time spent within each medium, regardless of multitasking. Consumers who spend 1 hour watching TV while multitasking on tablet devices, for example, would be counted as spending 1 hour with TV and an additional hour on mobile.”

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