Almost 1 in 5 Email-Driven Orders Were Completed on a Mobile Device in Q4

February 12, 2014

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Yesmail-Marketing-Email-Driven-Orders-by-Device-in-Q4-Feb2014Some 18% of email-driven orders were completed on a mobile device during Q4 2013, up a couple of points from the preceding quarter, according to Yesmail Interactive’s latest quarterly Email Marketing Compass [download page]. The report shows the continuing growth of the iPad as the primary device, accounting for 59% of email-driven mobile orders and more than 1 in 10 email-driven orders overall.

The Yesmail report both affirms recent trends and reveals some new ones. The following is a list of intriguing results from the study:

  • Compared to Q3, the average order value for email-driven purchases declined by 8.6% on desktops and by 3.6% on mobiles, which Yesmail attributes to an increase in repeat purchaser rate (of 17.4% and 2.3%, respectively).
  • Mobile accounted for 55% of email opens and 37% of clicks in Q4, up from 52% and 35%, respectively, in Q3.
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 subscribers in Q4 viewed emails on both mobile and desktop devices interchangeably, a huge decrease from 30% doing so in Q2. By contrast, the percentage of subscribers viewing emails on mobiles only grew from 30% to 50% during that time frame.
  • Mobile-only email viewers were most common in the retail/wholesale (55%), hospitality/travel (54%) and B2B (52%) industries.
  • Click-to-open rates on desktops continued to far exceed comparable rates on mobiles in each industry tracked.
  • Apple devices accounted for more than 8 in 10 mobile opens and clicks, as they did in Q3.
  • Marketers increased their email messaging frequency by almost 10% during Q4. That didn’t appear to have a negative effect on subscriber activity, as the number of active subscribers increased by almost 4%. Average opens per opener also increased (by 6.5%), although the number of clicks per clicker dipped very slightly.
  • As found in prior reports, Yesmail indicates that marketers emailing between 4-6 times a week have the highest proportion of active subscribers, and that that proportion tends to increase alongside the number of weekly messages sent. More than 1 email per day might be overkill, though, per the data.
  • The number of new subscribers in marketers’ databases actually dropped by 11% in Q4, but engagement for new database subscribers increased by 20%. On average, just 14% of all subscribers have either opened or clicked on an email during the past year.
  • The 4 major ISPs – AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail – account for about 60% of marketers’ databases. Of those 4, Gmail has the most engaged user base.
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