Online Americans Say They Hold Generally Favorable Views of Mobile Marketing

February 10, 2014

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Responsys-Online-Adults-Sentiments-Concerning-Mobile-Marketing-Feb2014Mobile is one of marketers’ most exciting opportunities this year, according to recent research, but are consumers resistant to being marketed to on mobile? Not so, say newly-released survey results from Responsys, which indicate that about half of online adults feel very (17%) or sometimes (34%) positive about mobile marketing “in general,” with only 21% feeling negative about it to some degree.

Drilling a little further into their attitudes, Responsys asked participants their agreement with certain sentiments concerning mobile marketing. The largest share (63%) were in agreement that mobile marketing is “convenient,” with many also agreeing that it’s “helpful” (59%) and “efficient” (57%). Somewhat fewer (51%) agreed that it’s relevant, with a significant portion on the fence.

As for negative sentiment? About half agreed that mobile marketing is “annoying” and “intrusive.” But there was more disagreement on these than on the other, positive, sentiments.

Separately, the study finds that on the topic of relevance, 55% say that the mobile messages they receive from brands are relevant, while 35% say they’re not. That’s actually a pretty healthy result in light of these survey findings.

In fact, half of the survey respondents said that they have at some point made a purchase – either online or offline – as a result of receiving highly relevant mobile marketing messages from a brand via SMS or text.

Other Findings:

  • Some 57% of respondents (and 71% of 18-34-year-olds) said they have downloaded brand applications to their mobile device.
  • When on their mobile device, 34% professed to accessing brands more through their app than their mobile site. 45% said both equally.
  • Among respondents who download apps, two-thirds claim to enable the push notifications. For those that haven’t done so, it’s mostly a case of not wanting to be “bombarded with notifications.”

About the Data: Responsys commissioned an Ipsos Observer survey of 1,200 US adults, representative of the online adult population, which was conducted from October 25 to November 6, 2013.

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