Mobile Now A Majority of Facebook’s Ad Revenues

January 30, 2014

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Facebook-Mobile-MAUs-Ad-Revenues-Q32012-Q42013-Jan2014Facebook has crossed a threshold of sorts, with mobile now comprising a majority 53% share of its growing ad revenues, according to the company’s latest earnings release. That represents a hefty rise from just 23% share a year earlier, as Facebook continues to monetize its increasing number of mobile monthly active users (MAUs), who now number almost 1 billion and account for 79% of all MAUs.

Overall, Facebook’s ad revenues were up by more than 30% quarter-over-quarter, a bigger bump than it experienced in the fourth quarter of 2012. Compared to a year earlier, ad revenues were up an impressive 76% in Q4 2013, with generally positive performance for those ads, per a recent report from Kenshoo Social.

Some other tidbits from the latest release:

  • Total monthly active user growth grew by 3.3% quarter-over-quarter, rebounding after growth rate declines during the prior couple of quarters. MAU growth was driven almost exclusively by users outside of US, Canada and Europe.
  • Daily active users numbered 757 million, an increase of about 4% from Q3. (Q3’s growth was 4.1%; Q2’s growth was 5.1%; Q1’s growth was 7.6%; and Q4’s was 5.8%.)
  • Daily active users (DAUs) continue to grow at a faster clip than monthly active users on a year-over-year basis (22.5% vs. 16.3% in Q4). As a result, 62% of monthly active users visited the site daily during Q4 2013, up from 59% share in Q4 2012.
  • Advertising revenue in Q3 was $2.34 billion, accounting for 90.7% of total revenues, up from 89.2% in Q3, 88% in Q2 and 85% in Q1. Mobile ad revenues climbed over $1 billion to reach $1.25 billion.
  • Worldwide advertising revenue per user was $1.94, up from $1.53 in Q3, $1.41 in Q2, $1.15 in Q1, and $1.29 in Q4 2012. On a regional basis, advertising revenue per user topped out at $5.34 in the US and Canada, while growing in each region.
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