6 in 10 Agency Media Buyers See Negative Impact of Bot Traffic on Campaigns

January 29, 2014

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SolveMedia-Bot-Traffic-Problems-Jan2014Last month, Solve Media reported that a slim majority of US web traffic could be deemed “suspicious,” representing a new high for potentially fraudulent traffic. It seems that online publishers and media buyers are paying attention to the problem: new survey results released by Solve Media indicate that 59% of agency media buyers see bot traffic’s harmful effects on campaign performance. A sizable proportion of online publishers will take steps this year to combat the problem.

Approximately one-third of online publishers surveyed said they would implement anti-bot solutions this year, with that figure more than double the share from last year.

Corporate brand marketers also recognize the impact of bot traffic on their campaigns: 41% said it leads to inefficiencies and stolen ad budgets while negatively affecting overall performance.

Based on a ZenithOptimedia global ad spend forecast from last year, Solve Media estimates that up to $11.6 billion in global display spending could be wasted this year advertising to bots. That represents a 22% uptick from the last time Solve ran the numbers in September 2013, when it estimated that bot traffic could waste up to $9.5 billion in 2013 display ad spending.

About the Data: Solve Media surveyed 600 digital media buyers, senior marketers and online publishers in the US during October and November of 2013.

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