“TV Everywhere” Moving the Needle in Pay-TV Satisfaction

January 28, 2014

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GfK-TV-Everywhere-Users-and-Pay-TV-Satisfaction-Jan2014Pay-TV providers suffer from chronically low customer satisfaction ratings, but new research from GfK suggests that “TV Everywhere” (TVE) deployments might be giving them a boost. According to GfK’s survey of consumers aged 13-64 in pay-TV homes, 28% of TVE users feel more satisfied with their pay-TV service (up from 24% last year), and 33% are less likely to change providers (up from 25% last year). GfK notes that these trends are even more pronounced among users of subscription streaming services – who presumably are the most apt to cut the cord – with 35% more satisfied with their pay-TV services and 39% less likely to change providers.

Of course, these figures still represent a small fraction of TV viewers; while TVE services are now available to 6 in 10 pay-TV subscribers, awareness of the services remain low.

Overall, 56% of respondents in pay-TV households say they use a TVE-type offering and/or video-on-demand (VOD), while 41% use a subscription streaming service. The study takes a closer look at how the latter two services measure up among users of both, finding that streaming services are rated “better” than VOD by 44% of this group of respondents, compared to 27% who prefer VOD and 29% who are neutral.

While subscription services win on that front, the study finds more positive results for VOD among its more frequent users. Among users of both VOD and subscription services who use VOD at least once a week, 43% prefer on-demand versus 30% who prefer streaming services.

Of course, it’s not surprising that more frequent VOD users are happier with the service – clearly they’re using it more often for a reason. Still, the gap in perception is quite large. In terms of the “variety and choice” of programming available, 57% of those using VOD at least once a week rate its variety as “excellent” or “very good,” on par with the 55% rating subscription streaming’s variety that highly. But among those using VOD less than once a week, just 28% rate its variety as at least “very good,” compared to 67% rating subscription services that way.

About the Data: The data is based on interviews with 1,007 persons aged 13-64 in pay-TV homes.

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