Tablets Accounting For An Increasing Share of B2C Marketing Email Opens

January 24, 2014

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MovableInk-B2C-Marketing-Emails-Mobile-Open-Share-Q2-Q4-2013-Jan2014A growing share of B2C marketers’ email opens are occurring on tablets, reveals Movable Ink in its Q4 US Consumer Device Preference Report [download page]. The study indicates that about 1 in 6 email opens occurred on a tablet during Q4, up from 13.8% during Q2. With smartphones’ share of opens remaining flat over that 6-month period (at 48.2% in Q4), the combined mobile share of email opens in Q4 grew to 64.8%. It’s important to remember that these figures relate to marketing emails sent by Movable Ink’s enterprise B2C clients, so they shouldn’t be extrapolated to represent all emails. It’s more likely that mobile’s share of email opens on a general basis is closer to a bare majority, still an impressive figure. But while Movable Ink’s exact percentages may not applicable on a wider basis, the general trend showing an increasing mobile influence is in keeping with most research on the subject.

Those email opens occurring on smartphones could well be leading to purchases, according to a recent study from SeeWhy, which found that upwards of 60% of conversions occurring on smartphones come from an email. Meanwhile, tablets’ increasing share of opens is worth watching: last year, a study from Yesmail revealed that almost 1 in 10 email-driven orders were completed on a tablet, with 99% of those on an iPad.

Further data from the Movable Ink study confirms the dominance of the iPad when it comes to tablets’ email open share. The iPad itself accounted for 14.5% of total B2C marketing email opens, dwarfing Android tablets’ 1.9% share, and even outpacing Android phones (12.5%). Not surprisingly, the iPhone was the clear leader among mobile devices overall, comprising 35.4% share of email opens, slightly higher than desktops (35.3%).

Movable Ink notes, though, that “because determining email opens requires images to load, the percentages for some device types and platforms might be over or underrepresented.” In this case, the data would be most likely to under-represent Android opens, as Android users need to click to load images (unlike iOS users) ”“ and text-only emails are not counted as opens.

About the Data: The results are based on data collected through Movable Ink’s Agile Email Marketing platform between October 1 and December 31, 2013. They reflect aggregate statistics across Movable Ink’s customer base, which includes more than 100 enterprise B2C marketers from the retail, travel, financial, media and telecommunications industries.

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