Q4 2013 Social Care: Demand Greater on Twitter; Response More Likely on Facebook

January 27, 2014

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Socialbakers-Facebook-Brand-Response-Rates-Q2-2012-Q4-2013-Jan2014Socialbakers has released its latest quarterly study examining “socially devoted” brands on Facebook and Twitter, and the numbers show that response rates on Facebook tailed off at the end of 2013 after a rapid rise a year earlier. For the quarter, brands answered 59.4% of questions asked of them on their Facebook pages, the smallest share (by a thin margin) since Q4 2012. That was still better than Twitter response rates, which averaged out at just 40.6%. Unlike Facebook’s response rate, though, that low figure for Twitter was actually a slight improvement from the beginning of the year, though by a fairly insignificant margin.

Brands’ response rates on Twitter may be lagging their comparable rates on Facebook due to a higher number of inquiries. During Q4, Socialbakers says that Twitter received about 50% more social care demand than Facebook (59.3% share of combined demand for Twitter). That trend was also found by Sprout Social in Q3, with its study indicating that the brands measured averaged 60 messages per 1,000 followers on Twitter and 39 per 1,000 on Facebook.

During the fourth quarter, Socialbakers says that the airline industry was the most “socially devoted” answering 76.4% of questions directed to it on Facebook and 56.3% of questions on Twitter. Finance,  telecom, retail and fashion comprised the rest of the top 5 by Facebook response rate, with telecom and finance swapping positions on Twitter. Telecom’s relatively high response rates are more impressive given that these brands field the most questions on both platforms, at almost twice the volume of the nearest category, retail. As far as retail brands go, Socialbakers says that retail brands have a higher response rate than e-commerce brands (64.2% and 58.8%, respectively), but take longer to do so (~23 hours vs. ~19 hours).

Finally, separately-released data from Socialbakers shows that the average response time on Facebook was 26 hours and 19 minutes in Q4, an improvement from 30 hours and 7 minutes during Q3, but a significant wait nonetheless.

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